Looking for Skin Stapler or Surgical Staples ? you have come to the right place.

Buy Disposable Surgical Stapler

We sell disposable surgical Skin Staplers and Surgical staple remover.
Our disposable skin stapler comes sterilized in a sealed package, uses 35 wide stainless steel skin staples, and we sell them at a discount. Many of our competitors sell staplers at a higher price with only 15 staples per stapler.

It is easy to place an order and receive wholesale priced disposable skin staplers and sterilized skin staples removers.

Because of shipping costs our system is set up for US clients only

International clients
Do NOT place your order online, please contact us with your quantity and address to receive shipping cost 


Surgical Staple
Surgical Staple
Box of Expired Surgical Staplers
Price $36.00
One Box contains 6 skins staplers

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Surgical or skin staples remover is
 sterilized and easy to use.

Skin Stapler Remover or Surgical Staples Remover

Price $5.00

One Staple Remover (Stitches remover)

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Case of Surgical Staples Expired

Price $432.00 + shipping $39.00

A case has 12 boxes for a total of 72 skin staplers.

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