Looking for Skin Stapler or Surgical Staples ? you have come to the right place.

Surgical Staples Depot is a highly specialized company that sells discounted surgical staplers for skin closures at low discount prices. We are located in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan and sell our staplers nationally and internationally.

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Surgical Staples Depot products
35w Skin Stapler
35w Skin Stapler
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Our disposable skin stapler uses 35 wide stainless steel skin staples and comes sterilized in a sealed package.  You can buy our product by the stapler, box, or by the case;  Each box contains six staplers and each case contains 72 staplers.  Our surgical skin stapler is FDA approved.  We also offer staples removers.

Surgical Staples Depot Mission

We thrive to provide our customers quality Surgical Staples, and exceptional customer service.

Surgical Staples Depot Vision

Surgical Staples Depot Vision is to be the most respected national provider of SKIN STAPLES AND equipment by maintaining the utmost quality and professionalism.

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